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The early years of a child's life are crucial, as their growth during this period is more accelerated than at any other stage of development. Neuroscientific research confirms the importance of these early years, as 90% of brain growth is completed by the age of six. Health, nutrition, and quality of care affect brain development, and the psycho-social environment a child is exposed to during their early years.

In our Pre-Primary, we understand the significance of these early years. We have designed our early years Programme to provide a strong foundation for each child's academic, cognitive, social, and emotional wellbeing. We aim to create a learning environment that caters to all individual learners and allows them to maximize their inherent potential.

Our Programme provides high-quality education that develops children's language, literacy, numeracy, emotional, universal values, and creative skills. We aspire to capture the latest and most innovative learning and teaching techniques and introduce them successfully in India and worldwide.

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What We offer!

We offer a play-based emergent curriculum complete with low teacher to child ratios. Come see our environment and how it is designed to promote exploration, adventure and imaginative play. We believe that children are active participants in their own learning. That's why we encourage them to ask questions and explore the world around them.

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The Learning System

& Pedagogy

Integrated with modern technologies and the core principles of Maria Montessori education and NEP2020 creates rich learning experiences for students.



Qualified teachers at DPS Gaya are well versed with the CBSE curriculum and are trained to prepare the students to become lifelong learners through the excellent pedagogy integrated with modern and innovative technologies.


Montessori Tools &

We use multiple materials, media and mediums which include resources that have been curated and specially created to develop age-appropriate skill set in our children.


Learning Spaces

The methodology ensures that learning is thought provoking and empowering since it is based on the latest theories, brain research and best practices in education.



Child-friendly Infrastructre,
Classrooms & Play Area

Medical & Other
Emergency Preparedness

Safety Measures
with Regular Inspection

Qualified &
Trained Teachers