Delhi Public School, Gaya has given its commitments toward an integrated educational system which promotes and develop the abilities and competencies of education actors. It aims to deliver an education system which leads every one of us on the path of Self Exploration. It ensures that there are no inhibitions in the way of a child's development and every possible opportunity is provided to them which will help them to learn, explore and soar.

At the heart of every DPS lies the motif of holistic development of a child. It provides an environment which inculcates innovation and creativity in them. It nurtures them to face the challenging enterprises in life. Using diverse learning methodologies, we cater to learners a varied experience that ultimately can develop the unique abilities and skills in each child and support the skills in them that can encourage self-determined learning.

There is an inherent approach of our teachers at DPS Gaya to provide a learner-centric classroom which will make the students confident enough to have an easy access to their teachers. The teacher here plays a dual role of a learner as well and does not constrict his/her intellectual horizons.

Ours way of shaping up children for their future is a blended approach of modern and traditional techniques. There exists an effective planning and collaborative dedication. We promote an education that imbibes the process to develop interrelationship among the families and open and multi-directional communication skills in the students. We aspire to develop critical thinking and independent approach in students in order to propagate in them individuality. We use teaching methodologies that enhance their acquisition of knowledge and establishment of work habits as their main goals.

Though teachers posit an authoritative figure in our learner-centred setup yet both teachers and students play an equivocal role in the teaching-learning process. Knowledge, imagination and innovation is encouraged. We have adopted the co-curricular programme in order to provide the child an experience beyond the classroom. It will help the students to explore their strengths and talent outside the classroom. It inculcates confidence and boosts their self-esteem. They thrive to be the best versions of themselves.

Our school provides a platform to the students for acceleration of their vibrant knowledge and imparts them a more holistic, flexible and multidisciplinary approach which aims at bringing out unique capabilities of each student. We strive to imbibe a competency-based learning which focuses on the student's demonstration of desired learning outcomes as central to the learning process. We try to uphold the Constitutional Values by encouraging values-based learning activities so that our students can shine in the sky of glory and achieve success in all of their future endeavours.

DPS Gaya was one of the very first schools in the nation to have started the online classes. In its effort to make the online classes more effective and efficient, DPS, Gaya formed a core team consisting of the experienced teachers and staff along with tech savvy members. The core team framed out a structural framework of the modus operandi of the online classes.

Keeping in mind, the safety and security of the students every online is controlled by a host and the concerned teacher acts as a co-host. This enables the teachers to concentrate on teaching without worrying about other issues like safety, discipline, etc. These are taken care of by the host.

We at DPS, Gaya have installed the latest interactive technology (3D Glass Boards, TV interactive Boards and Smart Classrooms) for the dissemination of the online classes at the school premises. We are also uploading highly educative interactive videos to help our students learn better.

Our journey has been immensely fruitful due to the cooperation and understanding of our parents, teachers, students, all staff and every other stakeholder.