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DPS Gaya is proud to offer a Half-Olympic Sized Swimming Pool, one of the best swimming facilities in Bihar/Jharkhand. The pool is complemented by a separate toddler pool, specifically designed for Junior School children, providing everyone with a safe and enjoyable aquatic experience.

Swimming offers a range of benefits for children, such as strengthening shoulder and thigh muscles, enabling them to breathe deeply and sustain breath underwater for extended periods. Students at DPS Gaya are allocated specific time slots for swimming, including weekend sessions, to encourage regular physical activity and skill development.

In addition to physical fitness, swimming contributes significantly to mental and emotional well-being. The natural buoyancy of water induces relaxation, offering a therapeutic effect unmatched by other forms of exercise. Swimming can also enhance overall mood and alleviate symptoms of depression, highlighting its holistic benefits.

DPS Gaya believes that water safety is paramount and emphasises the acquisition of swimming skills as an essential aspect of every child's education. The swimming sessions are supervised by trained coaches who take utmost care to ensure the safety of every participant. This commitment extends to overseeing the activity meticulously for the benefit of students and the wider community.

At DPS Gaya, we are delighted to offer such a valuable facility and remain dedicated to promoting physical fitness and water safety awareness among our students and the local community.