Sports Facilities

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Sports Facilities

DPS Gaya prides itself on providing state-of-the-art sports facilities, fostering a dynamic environment where students can thrive athletically and personally. Here's a glimpse into the top-notch sports amenities available:

Multipurpose Sports Complex:

The school boasts a spacious multipurpose sports complex equipped to accommodate various indoor sports such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, and other recreational games. With ample space and modern infrastructure, students can engage in their favourite sports regardless of the weather.


The Amphitheatre at DPS Gaya is a vibrant hub of creativity, culture, and community within the school's campus. Nestled amidst lush greenery and architectural elegance, this open-air venue is a versatile space for many activities, events, and performances.

Outdoor Sports Grounds:

DPS Gaya features expansive outdoor sports grounds tailored for various activities, including soccer, cricket and track and field events. These well-maintained fields provide the perfect setting for students to show their skills and compete in inter-school tournaments.

Swimming Pool:

The school's 25 x 25m swimming pool with ten lanes and 4 x 10m learner swimming pools offers students the opportunity to learn swimming techniques, improve their aquatic fitness, and participate in competitive swimming events. Lifeguards and instructors ensure a safe and supportive environment for swimmers of all levels.

Outdoor Basketball Courts:

Dedicated basketball courts provide students with designated spaces to practice and compete in these popular sports. These courts have quality surfacing and adequate lighting, facilitating optimal playing conditions.

Indoor Recreation Areas:

Besides formal sports facilities, DPS Gaya provides indoor recreation areas where students can engage in activities like table tennis, chess, and yoga. Tiny tots in the recreational area enhance their gross motor skills with many sports activities. These spaces promote leisurely pursuits and encourage students to maintain an active lifestyle beyond organised sports.