Teacher Training Program

Teacher Training Program

Delhi Public School, Gaya ensures that the teachers here must undergo some professional and vocational training time to time to stay updated on new methods and skills of teaching. The training sessions are held to make sure that every teacher must adapt our philosophy and methods to get best result overall. DPS Society has its own culture and ethos and our school makes it possible for everyone to instil them with same values through several training sessions and workshops. The teachers are trained in such a way that they are capable enough to conduct some theme-based morning assembly and present school bulletins. The teachers, as well as the students show their active participation in the write up of the school magazines and cultural events. They are also taken to some educational trips in India and abroad to have broader aspects of learning by exploring.

The word in house refers to the set of activities conducted by the employees within the organization. Training is the process of teaching people from all spheres of life a specific skill, behaviour and learning concepts in all technical and non-technical areas. The training sessions in DPS, Gaya inculcate capacity building activities that are designed to improve and enhance the skills to prosper in the fast- paced world of learning and teaching.

Quality concerns in school education are among the priorities of DPS, Gaya as they play a pivotal role in the holistic development of the students. The school is committed to make provisions for various training programs for teachers to enhance their understanding of curriculum and delivery mechanism and other professional qualities. The training of the teachers assumes even greater significance in the wake of promulgation of New Education Policy 2021.

Delhi Public School, Gaya has introduced training programs to help teachers teach better. Among many other benefits, these CBSE training programs help teachers communicate better with their class, make lectures more effective and understand students' needs and expectations. The initiative enables teachers to become more than just subject matter experts. It creates brilliant mentors who can propel the country's growth in the modern world.

A variety of personal development areas are covered via CBSE Teacher Training Programs by the wide range of training topics like - Management of Interpersonal Skills; How to be an Effective Teacher; Enhancing Life Skills- Empathy; Happy Teachers Create Happy Classrooms; Humour as a Teaching Technique; Introduction to Cyber Security and Safety; Enhancing Life Skills - Coping with Emotions; Integration of Art in Social Science; Social and Spiritual Quotient among School Children; Post- Covid Schooling; Developing the Skills of Decision Making in Adolescents; Importance of Personal Hygiene; Nutrition and Health for Adolescents; Sustainable Green School- Biodiversity; Competency Based Education; Emotional Intelligence etc.

These training programs help teachers to prepare efficiently for students. Teachers may also prepare themselves better for academics.