Sick Bay

Medical Checkup for Students

Sick Bay

A healthy body and mind, capable of appreciating the beauty of nature and the diversity of human activity, are essential for cultivating a balanced individual. Recognizing this fundamental principle, our school prioritizes the well-being of our students by providing comprehensive medical care and promoting health education.

To ensure the health and safety of our students, we have a dedicated full-time in-house nurse who attends to their day-to-day medical needs. Additionally, our school offers access to medical assistance through a doctor-on-call service, readily available whenever necessary. In case of emergencies, we have established partnerships with renowned doctors in Gaya to provide immediate medical attention.

The School Infirmary is overseen by a qualified nurse who conducts regular medical check-ups of students, maintaining meticulous records of their health status. Parents are promptly informed if a child requires specialized medical attention to ensure timely intervention and care.

We urge parents to actively participate in promoting their children's health by imparting valuable health education. Here are some essential tips for maintaining good health:

  • Maintain personal hygiene by regularly trimming nails and practising cleanliness.
  • Engage in regular exercise to promote physical fitness and well-being.
  • Ensure adequate sleep of at least eight hours per night to support overall health and cognitive function.
  • Drink boiled or filtered water to minimize the risk of waterborne illnesses. We encourage students to bring their water bottles from home for safe hydration.
  • Avoid consuming ice cream, milk products, and food from roadside vendors and kiosks to prevent foodborne illnesses.Furthermore, we recommend the following preventive measures:
    - Schedule deworming treatments as advised by the family physician.
    - Undergo dental and ophthalmic check-ups annually by qualified dental surgeons and ophthalmologists to maintain oral and visual health.
  • By prioritizing health education and proactive medical care, we strive to foster a culture of wellness and vitality among our students, empowering them to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.