The school library promotes intellectual growth, academic excellence, and lifelong learning skills among students. To ensure the library's smooth functioning and to make the most of its benefits for students and teachers, we have established the following rules and regulations:

Book Issuance:

  • Books will be issued to students from Classes III to XII.
  • Each student may borrow one book at a time for one week.
  • Further issuance of books is contingent upon the return of pending items.

Silence and Respect:

  • Strict silence must be maintained within the library premises to facilitate a conducive learning environment.
  • Students must always respect library staff, fellow students, and library resources.

Reference Materials:

  • Reference books can only be consulted within the library.
  • These materials are designated for research and reference to aid academic studies and projects.

Care of Library Resources:

  • Students are responsible for the care and preservation of library materials.
  • Any student found damaging or defacing library books will face disciplinary action and potential suspension from library privileges for the academic year.
  • Organisation and Maintenance:

    • The library operates on an open-access system, allowing students to access and browse the collection freely.
    • Students are encouraged to assist in maintaining order and organisation within the library by returning books to their designated shelves based on subject classifications.
    • Personal Belongings:

      • Students are not permitted to bring personal books or belongings into the library.
      • This regulation ensures the security of library materials and minimises distractions during study sessions.
      • Parental Involvement:

        • Parents are urged to actively support and encourage their children to develop a habit of reading.
        • Reading promotes intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and language skills essential for academic success and personal growth.

      Students must adhere to the rules and regulations mentioned above to fully utilise the resources and facilities offered by the two school libraries to enhance their learning experiences, broaden their knowledge base, and cultivate a love for reading and lifelong learning.