Quick Facts

Facts about Delhi Public Gaya

Quick Facts

DPS Gaya is the epitome of 21st-century education in India. It understands the needs and aspirations of the young budding minds and their parents. Hence the school strives to provide them with an ambience and world-class infrastructure that will not only fulfil their aspirations but also aid them to become enlightened and responsible global citizens.

Measures Taken to Make Students Fluent in English

School endeavours and provides the necessary environment to immediately make students fluent in English. At DPS Gaya, we recognize our students' socio-cultural background, which is why English is the only means of communication at the school campus. Moreover, a motley of opportunities and platforms are provided to each student to enhance their communication skills. School's academic calendar is packed with many activities like morning assembly, news reading, essay writing, poem writing and recitation, scriptures, extempore, speeches, debates, turncoat, quizzes etc. in English. All these activities and competitions provide each student with ample opportunities to upgrade their communication and comprehension skills. In this regard, we seek to introduce abridged forms of novels by great writers at a very young age to cultivate reading habits among students. DPS Gaya has the world-class infrastructure to make the teaching-learning process a fun-filled and joyful experience.

Spacious classrooms

Each classroom is vast and cross-aerated with comfortable furniture, making teachers and students move freely.

Encouraging adaptability

Considering life's vicissitude, students are prepared for the future and encouraged adaptability through various activities like role play, skits, etc.

Cross culture environment

Considering the secular credential of our country India, we at DPS Gaya provide and support a cross-cultural environment. This culture is manifested using the celebration of festivals of all religions with great enthusiasm.

Wi-fi campus, e-classrooms, multimedia library and computer labs

DPS Gaya makes extensive use of technology. The school campus is equipped with a Wi-Fi facility. It has a multimedia library with thousands of books on various topics and subjects. There are two computer labs for the junior and senior sections with hundreds of latest model computers with a broadband connection.

Extended day facilities

We cater to the needs of slow learners as well as bright students. Extra classes are conducted to improve the slow learners after school hours. Similarly, bright ones are mentored for NTSE and various Olympiads.

Teacher development programmes

Regular webinars and workshops are conducted by well-qualified resource persons to abreast the teacher with the latest technological and pedagogical development in teaching and learning. For this purpose, teachers are sent to the DPS Society to attend its workshops. CBSE also conducts regular workshops to enhance the school's teaching skills.

Overseas exchange programmes

DPS Gaya encourages overseas exchange programmes to provide exposure to the global education system and to comprehend the variegated culture of the different parts of the world.

International Dimension in School Award

DPS Gaya is a proud recipient of the prestigious International Dimension in School Award 2019-22 by the British Council.

Indoor and outdoor sporting activities

Games and sports are an integral part of the school curriculum. For this DPS Gaya is well equipped with indoor and outdoor sporting activities. It has got many well-qualified sports teachers. The sports facilities include an Olympic swimming pool, two basketball, and six badminton courts. For outdoor games, there is a big lush green field.