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Abhishek Kumar

Quick Facts

DPS GAYA understands the need of one stop solution for all routine requirements of a school going child and that the modern day parents are busy - hence the school needs to provide for most of the routine requirement of a child.

What Measures Does The School Take To Make The Students Fluent In English?

Efforts are made to ensure that all students start conversing in English are as early as possible. At DPS GAYA we recognize the socio-cultural background of our students and that is the reason why spoken English classes form a part of the Routine Time Table and the School Assembly. To improve communication skills, students should be given every opportunity to participate in competition for passages, poems, scriptures, extempore speeches, quizzes etc. in English.

However, we will seek active participation of the parents in this regard. We suggest that they should speak in English at home and encourage their wards to speak in English too. The child should be provided with age appropriate English books, newspapers and magazines. This will foster good reading habit and will propagate awareness building skills.

  • Spacious classrooms.
  • Encouraging adaptability.
  • Cross cultural environment.
  • Wi-Fi campus, e-classrooms, multimedia library & computer labs.
  • Extended day school facility.
  • Electronic surveillance security 24/7
  • Connectivity via Gaya Bodh-Gaya Highway
  • In-service teacher development programmes
  • Overseas exchanges programmes
  • Different indoor and outdoor sporting activities.