Quizzi Quest

December 22nd, 2021

To commemorate the Birth Anniversary of Maths Wizard, Ramanujan, like every year Mathematics Quiz, Quizzi Quest, was conducted on 22/12/2021, at the School Auditorium for the Primary as well as the Secondary students. In both the categories 4 teams participated. Keeping in view the Theme and Subject of the Quiz four world famous Mathematicians names were given to the teams, i.e., Aryabhatt, Brahmagupta, Carl Friedrich Gauss and David Hilbert to identify the participant teams-A, B, C & D. Team C and D won the Senior and Junior Quizzes by a comfortable margin. Although all other teams gave a very good fight all throughout. Rapid Fire and the Buzzer Rounds were loved by all. The students took part in the event very enthusiastically and many in the audience responded when asked. Honourable Principal Mr. S. K. Mishra praised all the participants and gave away the Certificates and Medals. Respected PVC Sir has, as always encouraged the organising team and all the participants with his magnanimous support.